Shemekka Ebony Stewart Isaacs, MS, is the Founder of Black Girl Magic Market, Co-Founder I Am Brilliant, and the CROWN Campaign

Shemekka Ebony, recently featured in New York Times Magazine 2021 Money Edition, is a best selling author of a new well being journal featured on Amazon, While I’m Getting Naked, 2018 CJA Health Equity Leader Award Winner, and 2020 BWR SISTARS Leadership Award recipient. She is also a Brilliant wife and mother of 6 children.  I Am Brilliant is her flagship for organizing and engagement strategies dedicated to connecting all the threads that weave through communities in order to provide people better access, honor their experiences, and institute better practices for sustainable partnerships. She works with her husband, Michael Stewart-Isaacs, co-founder of I Am Brilliant to consult several Community and National organizations for better practices in meaningful community engagement.

Michael Stewart-Isaacs has over 20 years of experience in the field of business development, technology, and new media. He is leading a brand marketing & management firm named Mosayk based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He works in the entertainment industry as a creator of music content, sport marketing events via Board Nation USA, and documentary films. He is an entrepreneur that overcame troubled beginnings to become a well respected business mind. He is the co-founder of I Am Brilliant, leading community leaders on issues related to education, social justice, and economic inclusion throughout the United States. He is the son of the African Diaspora with parents that firmly encouraged a cultural education. He operates in a straight forward approach with interactive storytelling and he has a hilarious sense of humor that engages even the toughest audiences.