Mariah Street is a licensed attorney in North Carolina, and the CEO & Managing Attorney of Legacy Street Law – a modern, virtual, down-to-earth, NC-based law firm, with a primary focus on providing culturally relevant education and customized legacy, wealth, and business planning to legacy-minded business owners and their families. For legacy-minded business owners & their families, Legacy Street Law is the leading law firm that provides comprehensive legacy planning, business succession planning, and legal business planning/general counsel services. Her Firm is particularly passionate about helping black CEOs and business owners and their families. Unlike other law firms, Legacy Street Law combines customized planning strategies, culturally relevant education, and the legacy/business goals and values of our clients to create the ultimate plan(s) and strategies for their life and/or business, that actually works and creates generational and legacy impact.

Mariah started her law firm because her mother died suddenly at a very young age with no type of planning in place, and so she wanted to ensure that families properly protect and pass down their businesses, their legacy, and wealth in order to adequately provide for their family. She’s also a business owner who is passionate about making sure business owners protect what they’re building so they leave an impactful legacy via their business.

Mariah has helped hundreds of clients build and protect their business, family and legacy, and has served as legal counsel and a legacy-driven strategist for many notable government agencies, consulting companies, and nonprofits.

Mariah is also a transformational speaker who helps people who are clueless about how to build tangible and intangible wealth get clear on the legacy they want to leave. She provides trainings, keynotes, and workshops on wealth & legacy mindset, legacy building, and legacy planning, legal business planning, as well as leadership and resilience. As a speaker, she has been featured on numerous podcasts and has spoken at various colleges, conferences and organizations, including but not limited to the NC Women’s Business Center, UNC Chapel Hill, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.