Dakota Grady brings years of experience as a money coach, professional speaker, and bestselling author. Leading his personal finance class, Maximize Your Money, Dakota values the importance of assisting others in becoming better stewards of their money.
Since 2010, Dakota has coached people how to create a budget, crush debt, save for emergencies, and move toward success in their financial goals.
Dakota connects with his audience as he knows what it feels like to struggle financially. He grew up in a low-income family of nine, living on welfare. There was a time he and his siblings lived with their grandmother because they did not have electricity in their home.
Dakota was determined to live a life free of financial hardship when he became an adult. Using his experiences, education, and wisdom, be realized he had a gift of handling money wisely. 
Dakota uses his gift of smart money management to help people truly transform their finances – and their lives. Handling money on purpose is one you can learn too.