Alex Cardona started his career in social work after graduating from the University of South Florida with a degree in public health. After a few years of frustration with the mental health system, Alex transistioned from social work to teaching. As a middle school physical education teacher, Alex thought that he had found his life’s purpose. Alex Created a physical education curriculum that was focused on total comprehensive fitness and was supported by local businesses in the community. After a few years in education, Alex realized that his vision was to impact youth on a national level, and focused on opening his own youth training facility. In the beginning of 2020, Alex was in the process of obtaining his personal training certification when the pandemic came.

After losing his income and his career path, Alex was presented with an opportunity to own his own legal service business. Without hesitation Alex took this opportunity to help empower individuals with access to the justice system. Since starting his business in Asheville, Alex has helped both individuals and businesses get access to the justice system, started a local radio show named the Golden Key, and has become a respected business developer in the community. Alex currently is serving on the board for both the Young Professionals of Asheville, and the People’s Community and Inclusion, subdivisions of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Alex believes that the journey of entrepreneurship is a journey of self development fueled by the balance of faith and self confidence.  Alex can be found on the following platforms:





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